Dead or Alive 6 Season Pass 1 Code Download

Dead or Alive 6 Season 1 Pass Code

Easily Download the Dead or Alive 6 Season Pass 1 Code

Today’s blog is focussing on the give away of dead or alive 6 season pass 1 code. Yes! this downloadable content price is higher than the game price. Everyone would be excited about to know what’s in it. We will talk about it later in the post. However, the biggest surprise is that we are giving these codes for free. We said it right. You don’t need to pay anything to own it. That means you are going to save 93 dollars through this blog. There is lot to talk about dead or alive 6 season pass 1. So we would like to point out some information about the pass before you teaching to download the code.

Dead or Alive 6 season pass 1 will apply to 62 costumes and 2 new characters which are out during the period of March 2019- June 2019. It contains Nico Technomancer gear and Nyotengu wrestling costume as bonus content. Happy wedding costume vol.1, happy wedding costume vol.2, costume pack vol.1, costume pack vol.2, additional characters Mai Shiranui are the main contents present in this season pass. That makes a great deal for buying it. Although you don’t need to buy it since we are giving the dead or alive 6 season pass 1 code for zero charges.

Tutorial to Download Code

None can exploit our give away by trying to download all codes. Because our online software which does the distribution is heavily protected by our shields program designed by us. Therefore one visitor can generate maximum up to one code per platform. Once they surpass the limit, the dead or alive 6 season pass 1 code generator would stop taking request from them. So you should be careful while retrieving the code. You can access the online software by using the button given beneath.

You need to choose the platform before proceeding with obtaining the code. Everyone can do the redemption on the respective marketplace once they have the digital code. This is the exact code that you buy from Amazon and GameStop. Majority players do know the redemption. Although we are getting requests to post the tutorial on redemption as well. Therefore we are going to write a detailed tutorial on it from this article on wards.

Activation Tutorial

We will start with the activation of PC. In order to activate the content, you must have installed steam client. Once you have the client, sign into the account. Then select “activate a product” under the games menu. Enter the dead or alive 6 season pass 1 steam key and follow the onscreen instruction of steam to activate the content.

Dead or Alive 6 Season Pass 1 Code

Now we will guide you to activate the content on PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE. Make sure to have the dead or alive 6 season 1 pass code along with you. After that go to the store of the console which is the same for both consoles. Then choose the “use a code” function of Xbox one for activating the content. In the case of PlayStation 4, use the “redeem codes” function for activating the content. Hope you got the content on the platform you wish. If not please let us know by emailing us through the contact page.

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